The kids

All of the “KTMP kids” live in the surrounding Khlong Toey slums. They come from different situations and familial environments, each facing her/his own unique obstacles. Some have endured violence and/or abandonment, while others have loving and caring families that do their best despite the difficulties of poverty.

No matter their personal situations, when they step into the school, they’re simply happy kids who want to have fun and become immersed in music, art and friendship. It never ceases to amaze us how so many of the kids keep positive attitudes even in the face of difficult circumstances. Learning music helps them to move forward while developing a sense of self-worth and inner peace.

Meet some of our wonderful students!


One of KTMP’s first and most dedicated students, Mint is a perseverant 13-year-old who plays keys and ukulele. She loves singing too. When she struggles to learn a song, she will practice it again and again until she succeeds. Mint is also a very loving child who takes care of the younger students like a sister would.



10-year-old Mok had difficulty concentratingMok when he first arrived at the school, but learning music in a supportive environment has transformed him into a sweet boy and dedicated musician. In addition to singing, he plays bass (despite it being almost too big for him!) and has more recently begun learning guitar. He never misses a lesson, is very eager to learn and proudly shows his teachers the new songs he can play. Mok is truly a KTMP success story. In the future, he wants to be a musician, and a soldier, and a doctor, and … the sky is the limit for Mok!


Art has rhythm in his veins. The first time he came to KTMP, the teachers were about to bring the kids to perform outside. He came along and asked if he could play the cajon. The surprised teachers gave him a chance despite the fact that he didn’t know any songs from the school’s repertoire. Little did they know that Art doesn’t really need to practice the songs — he just listens, feels the rhythm and makes it happen. Art never misses a single lesson or performance. Even when the school is supposed to be closed, he comes around and bangs at the door until someone lets him in so that he can practice. Art is a very cheerful student, he truly enjoys playing music and it’s always with a happy smile on his face that he sits behind the drums and keeps the beat.


Tor is a very promising student. Since his very first days at KTMP, in November 2015, Tor has shown an incredible eagerness to learn and get better. He is very committed and doesn’t miss any lesson or event. All the teachers are impressed with his determination and dedication. When we ask Tor if he is proud to learn music, he answers: “I am, because now I can follow my dreams”.

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