• Khlong Toey Music Program

Our Initiatives

These ongoing initiatives are essential steps for us to grow and develop our school.

Towards more Sustainability

Here are three ongoing initiatives that are essential steps for us to grow and develop our music program. You can help us reach our goals by making a donation or taking part in these different projects.

NGO Registration

Khlong Toey Music Program strives to become an officially registered non-profit educational foundation in Thailand. It costs 200,000THB, roughly US $5,500, to register a foundation with the Thai government. This considerable amount of money can never be withdrawn from, and if the foundation closes, it must be transferred to a different non-profit.

We, the KTMP team, are very happy to announce that we have finally gathered that amount and we are now processing the documents to officially start our own registration! We are forever grateful to El Mercado and Negotech for their trust and support, and for allowing us to take that huge step forward!

There are a lot of benefits to being registered. We are very excited about this new journey as it will allow us to take KTMP to a whole new level!

Creative Wonderers

Started in 2020 by Sarah Bain, our volunteer, the Creative Wonderers is a program that connects people and organisations around the world through the Arts. They set up projects focussing on art, music, dance & drama to show how we are globally connected to each other. The original purpose was to connect the Playing for Change Foundation schools and facilitate exchange between them through activities, then the program expanded their horizon to other organisations, schools and communities around the world.

PFC Diamante, Argentina

PFC Mitrata, Nepal

PFC Cajuru, Brazil

PFC Ubuntu Music Program, Rwanda


Singto Numchok
Tongtong Napat Nanachin
Karma Sirikogar
Mo Jiratchaya
In order to move towards more sustainability, we’ve started selling our own products, thus generating a much-needed income for the program.

The “Pimp my ukulele” campaign is an ongoing project in which artists decorate and customise ukuleles for our program. Each instrument is then sold on internet to raise funds for our school. From professional artists to Thai celebrities, the response has been completely overwhelming.

We’re beyond grateful to these kind souls for their precious help, for finding the time to help us achieve our goals and for making our dreams possible. For more information about the campaign as well as pictures of all our ukuleles, you can view our Facebook album here.
The first round of this campaign is over, we sold all our ukuleles! But stay tuned, we’ll start another round during the year 2019!

You are an artist and would like to paint an instrument to support us? We’d be happy to hear from you! Feel free to send us an email at ktmp.info@gmail.com.


At KTMP, we’re trying many different ways to raise funds for our school and be less dependent on donations. Among our ideas, we’ve started selling handmade bracelets, made in Thailand by our volunteers and ourselves. Each bracelet takes about one hour to make. All proceeds go back to the school, to help fund music and art lessons for the children of Khlong Toey. In the future, we hope to hire people from Khlong Toey in order to produce these bracelets at a bigger scale, thus both creating employment for the community and supporting our program.

Our bracelets are available for sale during our events, and can now be found online through the Playing For Change Foundation website.

Collaborative Album

We have asked artists to send one original composition that would be included in a collaborative album, whose entire proceeds would go towards funding the program.

So far, we’ve had the honor of gathering 6 artists, covering a wide range of music from Nepali traditional songs to Australian blues, through modern classical piano, Thai pop, and handpan.

If you would like to contribute to our first album by donating one of your songs, please contact us at ktmp.info@gmail.com. We will be very happy to have you on board!

At the moment, our songs are already online for sale on bandcamp, feel free to our site and support us by buying one of the songs you like!

Wayu Hawa
Nayan Band
Tinfish George
Hassan Ghiassi
ว่าน ภัทราวดี