A fun-filled day for the children of Khlong Toey! For the first time since the beginning of KTMP, we had the opportunity to organize an event for the community itself. The children from different music programs from and outside Khlong Toey were invited to perform on stage, and lots of art and crafts activities were held by our friends from Bangkok Volunteers meetup, Mahidol, and many more… A way for the children’s relatives to witness how their kids are blossoming through music and for us to tighten the links with the community stakeholders.


The first part of our fundraising campaign for Nepal at Root Garden, Thong Lor, gathering many volunteers and professional musicians. It was amazing to see so many beautiful souls coming from different horizons trying to help in any way they can.


  • June 02-09  Playing For Nepal/One Act of Kindness

    Here is the very last part of our fundraising campaign for Nepal. We had the chance to welcome 10 Nepalese people and invite them to perform with us at different events, raising funds for their very own country and sharing their experience. That was an intensive week, with lots of rehearsals, recordings, concerts and meetings but it was a wonderful feeling to be united through music for a same cause. A very strong experience at every level!

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