Our School

Through regular music and arts classes, we are striving to make a positive difference in the lives of the children of the Khlong Toey slum community.

Empowering Children Through Music And Arts Education

Our School

Opened in 2013, the KTMP School occupies a modest five-story shophouse building in the heart of “70 Rai,” one of the largest and most centrally located slum areas in Khlong Toey.

This is a safe, positive space where children can let their creativity flourish while they make new friends, have fun and set out on the wonderful journey of music and arts.

Six instructors currently teach private or small group lessons in guitar, ukulele, bass, keys, drums and voice on Thursday evenings. Friday evenings are dedicated to Thai classical music. Saturday afternoons are devoted mainly to rehearsals for KTMP’s bands. The atmosphere is relaxed, but lessons and rehearsals are taken seriously.
Formal music theory is taught in small doses, but KTMP emphasises practise first of all. The children are taught how to respond to one another in the context of a band, and ongoing performances at events encourage them to do their best.

Besides the music lessons, KTMP always wanted to expand its program and provide more opportunities for the kids to learn and express their creativity. That is how the school implemented an English program in October 2017, and an art program in May 2018. In total, it’s about 60 kids who attend our weekly lessons.

In addition to the regular lessons and events, the school plays host to various workshops (dance, yoga, capoeira…), games, birthday parties, shared meals, meetings and video conferencing calls with other PFCF-associated schools from around the world. Being in touch — and even singing along — with other kids in Asia and Africa strengthens cross-cultural awareness on both sides, and it’s a lot of fun!

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